Updates on Two Former Spotlight Animals

As we launch a new Spotlight Story this month, we would like to update you on two animals featured in previous Spotlight Stories:

BaileyWe begin with Bailey, the German Shepherd, who was our Spotlight Story in November. We have had several inquiries for adoption and are still receiving some. Because she is an alpha female with a high prey drive, she requires a home without any pets.. So at this time, she is still waiting for that special person to make her a member of his/her family. Please read her story and if interested in adopting her, call Animals Abused & Abandoned at 214-601-2345. Living through such a tragic event, she merits a home of her own soon.

Jasper sitting by the OleanderAs you know, our most recent Spotlight animal was Jasper, a lab mix who required cruciate surgery to repair a leg injury. Animals3 has good news to report: Jasper was recently adopted! We thought we would share with you a letter from Jasper’s new parent and pictures of Jasper in his new home:

Dear Monique,

I thought I would give you a quick update on Jasper. We haven’t made any headway with the cats, but other than that he is doing great. I am going to start slowly acclimatizing him to them later this week, now that he had been home about a month. I’ve almost got the fence Jasper proof, although my cleaning woman accidentally let him out when I was gone this Saturday. I got a call from someone about 4 blocks from me in my neighborhood who said that he “joined” her walking her dog. She saw his tag and called me. By the time I got to her house, Jasper was inside her house playing with her dog! Apparently he has no problem going in stranger’s homes, although he seemed happy to see me and get back home.

Dave and Jasper at the automatic doggie door.We got about 6-8 inches of snow here last week, and I actually got both dogs out in the storm. We went on an hour and a half long park run when there was about 4-5 inches down and it was snowing very hard. Jasper loved it. It must have been his first experience with any significant amount of snow, much less being out in a storm. I actually let him off the leash in the main area of the park for a bit. He did pretty well, although I was afraid to let him have more than 5 minutes or so off because he would travel pretty far away from me (before running back at full speed). Baby steps as they say.

I would like to reiterate how sweet Jasper is. I am really surprised nobody grabbed him up before me. I guess if he was chewing things up and escaping all the time it would turn some people off, but what young dog/puppy doesn’t chew things and I’m not going to penalize Jasper for his amazing climbing/leaping ability. Rather, I am just building a supermax fence (not visible from the front, so thankfully can be wood). I’ve been lucky that he seems to have outgrown the chewing phase by now, but it wouldn’t have been a deal breaker or anything.

He is very loving, loves to cuddle up with me on the couch, is friendly with everyone, and isn’t overly aggressive with other dogs. My cats would disagree, but he really fits in perfectly in our little family and I can already see progress with them. –Charles

To read this month’s Spotlight Story or read other animals stories, please visit Animals Abused & Abandoned (Animals3). You can also share your own animal story or make a monetary donation at Animals3. Any amount will help these wonderful animals.

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  1. Jasper looks adorable curled up on that couch! 🙂

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