Update on “Lady”

I know many of you are waiting eagerly to hear more about Lady, the subject of our May-June Spotlight Story, since her surgery.  I have been asked by several of you “How is she doing?”  The rescue organization who helped Lady recently provided us with this update:

It became obvious that Lady had not been able to walk for quite some time prior to being rescued.  When taken out of her crate, where she was recovering, she very hesitantly took baby steps with her legs spread far apart.  Apparently she was expecting the chain to still inhibit her ability to walk.  Lady became more confident with each step she took and in the span a few days she was proudly trotting around.  Within weeks, she was wagging her tail, learning to play with toys and starting to “pounce” during playtime.

She was an impeccable patient. She calmly and patiently allowed the staff to clean her surgical site which had become infected. The infection took weeks and weeks, with multiple rounds of antibiotics, to heal. Everyone who cared for her became very attached to “Lady Bug.”  “She is the kind of dog that each of us would love to take home if we did not already have more than our quota of pets.” She was spayed and had two abdominal hernias repaired. Lady was not in an ideal environment to develop trust. Pain was associated with her operations, her wound care, and yet, it was amazing to observe how Lady’s affect changed from a dog completely devoid of emotions to learning to trust and accept love and affection from the staff and volunteers.  She loved getting attention and began to cry when she did not feel that she was getting her share of it.  She even learned to give kisses.  Something no one thought she would ever have the self-confidence to do.

During an eye exam, the veterinarian noted that Lady is blind in one eye due to trauma.  You will notice on the photo that her right ear curls up.  It is thought to be due to frost bite. Everyone at the shelter is thrilled that the surgeries are over for this gal and they are anxiously awaiting the veterinarian’s discharge orders that will allow them to place Lady in a loving adoptive home.   They are looking for that very special home because nothing less would ever do for that special girl. Look at that precious smile on her face!

The ending still needs to be written…….

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