The Plight of the American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull TerrierThere is no doubt that the American pit bull terrier more than any other is the dog of choice for breeders looking to supply dog fighting operations. Such disreputable breeders raise the dogs in harsh conditions isolated and chained just out of reach of other dogs. They are usually poorly socialized to other dogs and to most people. Any dog can become aggressive, depending on its upbringing and environment.

As a result of their association with dog fighting, the pit bull terrier is now more often than not considered by the fearing public as a dangerous and aggressive animal. Legislative bills and local ordinances in a number of states have been proposed in recent years that would ban the breed entirely. But is this a fair and accurate assessment of the dog?

The ASPCA states that “responsible breeders who breed pit bulls as pets have generally selected against the high degree of aggression to other animals seen in fighting lines, while preserving the many desirable qualities of the breed.”

Petey the PupAccording to a variety of sources, the American pit bull terrier was once one of the most popular breeds among a wide variety of people, noted for strength, loyalty, and intelligence. In fact, this dog was chosen as the mascot for both RCA and Buster Brown Shoes and was also the sole canine member of the children’s television series Our Gang. Are we to believe that the same much beloved and trusted companion dog of the past is no longer suitable as a pet? The ASPCA “ When a dog that is loved, well-treated, and cared for, no matter its breed, is matched with the right kind of owner and household, it results in positive reinforcement of the human-animal bond.”

I invite you to view the following video that demonstrates both the abuse to which humans have subjected these animals alongside images of the pit bull as a loving family dog.


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  1. I’ve always been wary of pit bulls, but my friend adopted one from a no-kill shelter and she is adorable. She was raised as a fighting dog, and was rescued with other dogs. My friend has two cats of her own and fosters other cats. Her pit bull is so gentle with them and they love her. She’s a big baby and loves to cuddle. We can’t let our dogs be around each other though, as she gets into her fighting position. But with common sense and a lot of love, she has been rehabilitated. And other pit bulls can be, too.

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