Reunited After Six Years – Thanks to a Microchip

I received this AKC CAR press release last week and wanted to share it with friends of Animals 3. If not for the microchip that Dopey’s owner had implanted, he might have been euthanized at the shelter. For more information about microchipping, visit the Animals Abused & Abandoned website Animal Care article on Microchipping.

Raleigh, NC – After disappearing 6 years ago, Donna Lane-Mills had given up hope that their beloved family cat “Dopey” would ever be found. But last week, a recovery specialist from AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), the nation’s largest not-for-profit pet recovery service, called her to say Dopey had been found as a result of his microchip being scanned at a shelter 20 miles from her home in Sacramento, California.

Dopey had somehow found his way to another town 40 miles away and was adopted by an elderly woman. When she recently passed away, the cat was brought to the local shelter, where personnel there decided to scan the now 9-year-old cat, because due to his age, he would most likely be euthanized. The shelter contacted AKC CAR with the microchip ID number.

Dopey the Cat“When I checked my voicemail at work I received the most unexpected message from AKC CAR,” Lane-Mills said. “They let me know that Dopey had been turned in to a shelter. I had to listen to the message twice. I thought there is no way, Dopey’s been missing for six years.”

After contacting the shelter and getting a description of the orange tabby cat with droopy eyes and long legs, she was convinced it was him and went to pick him up.. Dopey was born at Lane-Mills’ home in 2000, one of 7 in the litter, and was named by her children.

“He was a favorite of my youngest daughter who was just 6 years old at the time of his disappearance,” Lane-Mills recalled. “She was crying herself to sleep at night saying, ‘I miss my Dopey.’ We thought he had been hit by a car.” After his disappearance the family posted fliers around their rural neighborhood and spent weeks calling vets and shelters, looking for the family pet.

“We’re thrilled that Dopey found his way home after all this time. His story illustrates that the more pets we enroll translates into more animals being safely returned home,” said Tom Sharp , CEO of AKC CAR. “Whenever we hear of reunions like Dopey’s it underscores the importance of using a recovery service with a one-time lifetime enrollment fee with no hidden annual fees to keep contact information active or additional charges to change that information. Because Dopey was enrolled for life, our recovery experts were able to contact the family immediately after he was scanned. To date, AKC CAR has helped reunite more than 360,000 pets with their owners.”

Lane-Mills said Dopey was happy to see her at the shelter, “purring like crazy” and her daughter called her while en route back from the shelter to make sure Dopey was coming home. The family reunion also included other pets, that according to Lane-Mills seemed to remember Dopey, “Spencer” the 17-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and “Inni” their 15-year-old cat. Based on the longevity of the family’s pets, it seems Dopey has many of his 9 lives ahead of him.

“He’s still the same sweet kitty we remembered,” Lane-Mills said. “He’s just a little bit more mature.”

For more info rmation on AKC CAR’s microchip and lifetime recovery service call AKC CAR at 1-800-252-7894 or go to

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  1. This just continues the recovery stories. My shelter, Bay County (FL) Animal Control, just two weeks ago, reunited a dog that had been missing a year and a half with an owner three hundred miles away in Metarie, LA, where the dog had gone missing. Please check with the Panama City News Herald for the full story on Bear’s reunion with his owners. It does not matter what company-microchips are vital for all pets.
    Jim Crosby
    Director, Bay County Animal Control
    Panama City, FL

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