Doucette and Princess

For me, one of the saddest experiences in rescue is senior pets who have no chance of being adopted because they are overlooked due to their age. I hear so many different reasons why they are not welcomed in the lives of potential adopters. Where is our compassion? Let us not forget that one day we will all be senior citizens. Let’s hope we never have to hear or experience personally those insensitive excuses one day.

The few elderly dogs that I have had the pleasure of rehoming, lived longer than expected with the love and care given by their new families. Frequently I heard what a joy that particular animal brought to them. Yes, his life was short in comparison to bringing a puppy home, but knowing how much you meant to this pet in his declining years, it was a privilege to have had the companionship, love and devotion of a wise old friend.

There are two dogs I have grown especially fond of and break my heart. They are Doucette, an Australian Cattle Dog, approximately 8-9 years old, and Princess, a Schnauzer, about 10 years old. They were both rescued from a municipal facility and are now safe in a no-kill shelter. But this is not the place for them to live out the rest of their lives.

Doucette, after many years of loyalty, was brought to the shelter by her family. Princess is still mourning the death of her caregiver. Not one member of her family loved her enough to provide her with the comfort she needs during these hard times. Shown below are their photos and short stories. Both dogs are charming and very affectionate. I know there must be at least two persons out there that could give each one a home. They would be forever grateful!


Doucette is a sweet and slightly timid pooch. Don’t let that stop you from loving her. She’s easy to walk and fun to be with. Her easy nature and gentle demeanor are pluses. Doucette would be a perfect “fireside” pooch – she’ll sit quietly with you, helping you with your crossword puzzle, or reading your newspaper. Doucette tends to get overlooked because she’s not a big show off. And, that’s just so sad because she’s ready to love and she deserves her own bed in her own home from someone who is caring. Are you the person to make Doucette’s dreams come true?   Please email to make arrangements to meet Doucette.

Princess Girl

It hardly gets sadder than this. Princess, a faithful dog companion, had the misfortune of having her pet parent pass away. Nobody in her owner’s family would step up to the plate and show loyalty to their own human family, much less to Princess. Instead, she was cast off like a used item of trash.

At our shelter, poor Princess cried for her owner. She was not used to the loud shelter and being so alone. A volunteer agreed to foster Princess so that she would not be so unhappy.

In a home environment, she’s much happier. Her foster parent reports Princess is settling very nicely. She has taken residence on the couch and where she gets in some very good naps. She has about 3 teeth in her mouth so no chewing going on (that is a plus)! She is very affectionate and loves to be next to you. She is the perfect lap dog.

Despite her “senior” status, Princess still has a lot of life left in her. She is very social and enjoys people. She seemed to get along with the other dogs at the shelter. Princess loves walks and has excellent leash skills, traipsing about quite friskily. She is fully house trained and lets the foster parent know when she needs to go. She makes adorable noises with her throat like she is talking to you. Are you able to open your heart and home to this sweet dog and let her enjoy a loving retirement?

Since Princess Girl is in a foster home if you’d like to meet her or know more about her contact to make arrangements.

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