Animals Abused & Abandoned’s New Website

Animals Abused & Abandoned New WebsiteAnimals Abused & Abandoned has a new home on the web. We’ve launched our website: Animals Abused & Abandoned is a non-profit charity organization seeking to help provide funding for emergency medical and surgical care for domesticated animals who are ill or victims of traumatic injuries and who have been abused, starved and/or abandoned by their owners. Through our new website we hope to reach out and help more abused and abandoned animals.

The new website provides information on North Texas no-kill shelters, spay and neutering and reporting animal abuse. The website also features stories about abused and abandoned animals who need help. You can also share your own animal stories with the possibility of Animals Abused & Abandoned featuring the story for fundraising opportunities. In addition, our newly designed website features online donations to the Animals Abused & Abandoned campaign funds.

You can help these tragic, innocent animals by getting involved. Visitors can interact with our animal community, read other members stories, view their pictures and videos, and share your own experiences with the Animals Abused & Abandoned (A3) family. Our new web presence is heavily focused on community involvement.

Be sure to join our social community through Myspace, Youtube, Flickr and other social media sites in addition to this blog. And be sure to subscribe to our blog for regular updates.

6 Responses to “Animals Abused & Abandoned’s New Website”

  1. Hey, I like it. You are doing better and better with this. Where are you?

  2. This looks great!! I’m so proud of you…….

  3. Wow!
    I feel SO inspired after seeing what you are doing and what you have done! The website looks absolutely fantastic!
    I will be sharing this with everyone I know and hope to help you create the sanctuary!

    You are awesome!

    Let me know if you need anything! You should look into creating a Facebook page for Animals Abused and Abandoned to add to your social network.

  4. Thanks, Claudia. We’re very excited.

    Amber, thank you for your kind comment. We will likely add a Facebook page soon. Stay tuned!

  5. Looks fantastic. What great work you are doing! Thanks.

  6. Oh my gosh!! I do not see why people abuse these animals!! They all should be put in jail.. when igrow up i am going to help save these poor inoscent animals!!

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