Abandoned Dog, Cartier Finds New Loving Family

Last week I was lamenting the fact that this poor abandoned dog would have a very difficult time being rehomed, well I am so pleased to announce that Cartier’s story has a feel good ending. I happened to show his photos to a couple who already have a poodle. They right away noticed how sad and depressed he appeared and immediately fell in love with him. Love heals emotional wounds and they have plenty of affection to give him.

They came to the abused and abandoned pet shelter to see him and knew immediately they wanted to take him home, but the final decision was left up to their seven pound poodle, Bridget. It was of utmost importance to them that both dogs get along, so we arranged for a meet and greet. Cartier became a little perkier during the visit, very interested in this young lady. She, on the other had, was most busy socializing with other dogs for adoption. This kind couple made the decision to take him home.

The up-date on the little fellow is glowing. He is learning the rules of the house, but in the meantime, has made himself at home. He sleeps through the night, but then he sleeps quite a bit because of his age. He has very good house manners. Cartier waits at the front door until his caretaker tells him it is OK to step outside. He is already attached to his new family. He follows them everywhere. He has an appointment for a wellness visit already. Must have his eyes examined. Looks like he may be developing cataracts.

I thought I would include a photo of a compassionate couple who opened their hearts to a senior pet. Talk about a miracle! Please meet Mr. and Mrs. W and their new companion.

abandoned dog finds new home

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  1. What a good story! This made my day. 🙂

  2. What wonderful people!

  3. I think Mr. & Mrs. W. and A3 all have a lot of good karma coming their way! Keep up the great work!

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