Abandoned Dog, Cartier Finds New Loving Family

Last week I was lamenting the fact that this poor abandoned dog would have a very difficult time being rehomed, well I am so pleased to announce that Cartier’s story has a feel good ending. I happened to show his photos to a couple who already have a poodle. They right away noticed how sad […]

Pet Abandonment or Euthanasia – The Right Decision?

Meet Cartier. Why am I still perplexed by people’s actions after years of rescue? How can anyone in good conscience abandon their 10-12 year old animal companion? To leave him tied to a fence without a note explaining why he is no longer wanted. Not his age, not even his name! How about his medical […]

Welcome To Animals Abused & Abandoned Blog

Animals Abused and Abandoned (A3) is a new organization in the world of animal rescue and I thought I would introduce myself and my new endeavor. My name is Monique. I have been a volunteer adoption coordinator/counselor for a Dallas shelter for the past 14 years. I have also fostered several dozens cats/kittens and puppies […]